The Universe Is Speaking

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The universe is speaking.
Today was one of those days where the universe tries to get you to slow down just enough to stop and listen to what it’s telling you. 
A funeral and a baby shower in the same day. 
To some, this is just a coincidence. For me, I take it as some kind of sign: This is your life. Be in love with it. There is a beginning, and there is always an end. The time in between is what you make it. 
The petty things that often get in the way of our happiness are so meaningless. The he-said-she-said, the constant worry of pleasing others, plans that fall through… None of this matters. 
Relationships. Experiences. These are the things that matter. 
Today is a sign for me to stop, be thankful, and take it all in. This is
my “time in between” & I hope it’s something I can look back on when I’m 96 years old and say, “yep, that was a damn good life.” 

RIP Faye, and welcome to the world(soon) baby Noah.

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