I'm Going to Be Selfish Today. And Probably Another Day Too...

Monday, August 25, 2014

This past weekend I finally had a baby-less day. I told Greg at the beginning of the week not to make plans, and that I wanted some “me” time. I didn’t really give him any wiggle room. I needed this day. I didn’t care what he and Lucca did, I just needed to be F R E E.
I was meeting my girlfriend later for lunch but the time in between was seriously magical. Mind you, this was only about 20 minutes from the time Greg had left for the day with Lucca, and the time I left to meet my friend. I got my first cup of coffee for the day, turned off the TV and just sat in silence. It was then I realized that 24/7 I’m always talking. Talking to him. Talking to the dog. Talking to myself. On the phone. Talking to Greg. This was complete silence, and it was freaking amazing.
When I finally went to meet my friend for lunch, I felt myself constantly fidgeting while we ate and began to chat. Greg and I take Lucca out to restaurants a lot, and between feeding him at home and going out, I feel like I’m constantly crumbling up food in my hands in between shoveling food in my own mouth. I picked up that delicious bread they serve at Cheesecake Factory and started to pull it apart thinking I had a little bird to feed, but no, I could actually feed myself! What a difference that makes.. We were at lunch for over an hour and weren’t rushed out with flying sippy cups or excessive banging on the table. Amazing.
The rest of the day was spent shopping, a quick manicure, and a coffee date with another old friend. What my friends (and Greg) don’t know is how importantSaturday was for me. I felt like myself. I felt like I could actually engage in real conversation without just an ‘uh huh’, or ‘yeah’ while my mind is busy thinking other things.  Just the fact that I was out, with make-up on and wearing actual clothes was another amazing feat. I loved it. I loved every freaking minute of it. It wasn’t anything special, just a normal day out with girlfriends, but it was perfect. And God, did I need that day… 
The thing is, we all need these days. We need moments of selfishness. And not the bullshit 1 hour when your spouse comes home from work. No. That doesn’t count. We need days where nobody needs us. Nobody needs to be fed, nobody needs to be entertained or bathed. We need days where we can eat full on meals without swallowing air in between because we’re eating so fast. We need days where we don’t have a schedule to adhere to. I can tell you that I’m better for it. Give me one day of selfishness and I will be the best freakin’ housewife you’ve ever seen.

So thank you for giving me my day. But can I have another one now?

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