We Made It

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Most of you have probably seen the YouTube video that I posted of ‘Mom’s 1st Birthday’ but I had to share it here because it really hit home with me. I watched it and immediately did the ugly cry. Whimpering. Tears. Thank God I was by myself.
Lucca will be 1 in October. Yes, everyone always says ‘where did the time go?’ He grew up so fast!’ But it’s the truth. The first 3 months of his life I felt like I had this little human being that I was literally just trying to keep alive and keep crying to a minimum. I felt like I didn’t really get to know this little babe until he was almost 5 months old, when he really had his own personality. And since then, he’s been my everything.
As I’ve written before, it has been a tough year. It’s been a tough year of figuring him out. Figuring myself out. Trying to balance the person I’ve known myself to be for 27 years with this entirely new person that I’ve become. My role in this world has completely changed. I hate to say I now ‘have a purpose’, but I truly feel that my reason for being in this world is to teach Lucca everything there possibly is to know. Teach him about the world around him. Slow down to show him every airplane that flies overhead, every bird that we hear at the park. Teach him about love, giving back. Teach him about being hurt and how to be strong and push on through.
With that comes a lot of pressure. You made this human and it’s up to you to help them grow into a successful, compassionate person who has something to give back to the world. I can’t speak for Greg because he has a different role, but as a new mom I can tell you that from the second we hold our babies in our arms we feel an intense amount of pressure to be successful in motherhood. There are a lot of expectations that the world makes for us, and ones that we set for ourselves. 
I love that video because it celebrates all of that. New mothers deserve to celebrate that first full year of “what the hell am I doing?!” and the fact that we have all made it out alive. We all have different struggles, different setbacks, and we can all think back to how we might have done things differently.
But, the fact is that we made it.

Happy 1st year, mamas!

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