A Thankful Post

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Today I’m thankful. 
This past weekend I went down to Richmond to help judge VCU Dance Team auditions and had it all planned out. I’d stay with my Dad, he would babysit for (eek!) 48 hours, I’d go out with my best friend Saturday night, and drive back up North on Sunday…perfect.
I wouldn’t have been able to do ANY of this without some help though. I still had to squeeze in time to work on Friday and Monday, and my mom and sister pitched in to help entertain Lucca. This also meant adjusting their schedules and their routine so they could do that. This was also the first time my dad had babysit, so having him on board to help me out was a huge deal. He was so happy and excited to watch Lucca but I know how much energy it takes to watch an (almost) one-year-old, and when you aren’t used to that, it’s exhausting
I had a GREAT time this weekend. I caught up with old friends, got to enjoy the city that I miss so much, had some BFF time… It was a great ‘refresh’ button that I find myself needing almost every weekend. I need time to be “me”, not just Lucca’s mama. If you’re a working mother, a stay at home mom, or somewhere in between, it’s physically and mentally exhausting. If I didn’t have family around to help with this, I would be a serious crazy person.

I’m so incredibly thankful for our family who are around and always willing to help out. Thank you, thank you, thank you… a million times over. 

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