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Friday, September 12, 2014

To the little Italian lady at Best Buy yesterday, you made my day.
When I rolled up to Best Buy to pick up my new phone, I thought it was going to be a painstaking process—taking at least an hour of my day, I had forgotten the damn stroller, and only brought one snack. I lugged Lucca inside and stepped in line.
Do you have an appointment?" An appointment for what? I just want to pick up my friggin’ phone. My name was taken down and we stepped off to the side. Time for a snack. Luckily, Lucca was occupied for at least a little while and was over stimulated by the music, TV’s and bright lights.
But then he starts to get restless, the snack is half eaten and half thrown on the floor, and I start to get annoyed.  I move a little closer to the register to signal that I’m irritated and I have a heavy baby who is losing interest… hurry it along, people
Sitting in a chair near the register was this little Italian lady making faces and talking to Lucca. That’s the thing with babies. They will talk to ANYONE. And you can’t just ignore it. He was literally having a full on conversation with her and then they started on a game of peek-a-boo. I guess I should say something now..
While I usually just make small talk and smile, I really liked this lady. I wanted to know her. She showed me a picture of her granddaughter, asked me what words Lucca was saying and if he could walk yet. She was laughing and being silly and Lucca was enjoying every minute of it. At one point, he pushed me out of the way, turned his body and stretched out his arms for her. For whatever reason, he felt connected to her. Should I be worried that my baby will go to strangers?Whatever, he liked this lady.
This went on for at least 30 minutes. But it passed the time and Lucca was highly entertained. When she was all done and ready to leave, she waved her hands until he waved back to her, and then blew him kisses.. 
On the way home (I didn’t even get my new phone because I was apparentlysupposed to bring my old broken phone back—ugh!) I thought how before Lucca I hardly ever truly interacted with “strangers”. This sounds weird, but just think about it. Unless you are that type of person that goes out of their way to talk to everyone you meet, you basically just go about your day with minimal interaction. In the checkout line, at the post office, etc. I hate small talk, so for the most part, I’ll do a quick verbal exchange, but that’s the extent of it. K thanks, bye.
But with Lucca, I find myself always talking to people… because of him. I can’t go down the aisle of the grocery store without being stopped by people who are having conversations with my 11-month old. He’s so social, will talk and smile and laugh with anyone. I like to think that he will grow up to be just like that— so open to people, so accepting and willing to talk to anyone. He’s made me better about this.

You just never know who you’ll connect with. Or who’ll bust out a game of peek-a-boo. 

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