Oh, The Places You Will Go...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This past weekend we took a road trip up to Ottawa to visit friends. 10 hour drive, 2 hotel stays, and a new passport for Lucca (Yes, he’s not even a year old and he has a passport!) This was a trip we’d been looking forward to for a long time, and it was a great way to round out such an eventful Summer. It was a very quick visit, but it was great to catch up and do a little sight-seeing, wine-drinking, and let the kids play. 
It was so nice to visit friends with kids. The kids are entertained. Adults are entertained. And they get it. They get that life doesn’t have to be put on hold because you have kids. Yes, things change, logistically it makes things more challenging and the spontaneity of doing whatever, whenever isn’t really there anymore… but now it’s just a different adventure. I feel that since we’ve had Lucca we’re experiencing so much more. Finding places to go, things to see.. And when you have friends that feel the same way, it’s refreshing.
I honestly think that since we’ve kind of always been ‘on the go’ since Lucca was born, he’s adapted really well to getting in the car and adjusting to wherever he is. This makes it all the better— now we want to do more, see more… camping trips, day trips, even FLYING to a different destination (hey, we gotta put that passport to use now)… we want to do it all. I don’t feel at all that my life has ‘slowed down’ since we’ve had a kid— it may be on a different track but if anything it’s sped up. And I love that.
Everyone is different. I know that in the first 3 months of having Lucca I was totally over hibernating and ready to be out in the world— so we did. Even if the library was what I considered to be ‘out in the world’, we went, twice a week, and he was only 8 weeks old. I definitely got some looks, like “hey lady, get back inside with your newborn’, but it was good for the both of us. 
So now we are planning our next big adventure and taking up friends’ offers when they say ‘hey, come and visit!’ If you really don’t want us to come, then don’t tell us that… because you never know, we may be knocking on your door soon!

Anybody have any good weekend road trip suggestions?

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