OMG Sleep, I Miss You.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The past few weeks have been rough. Teething sucks. It’s hell. I go to bed every night and literally pray for sleep. Nobody and nothing can prepare you for the 34928390 sleepless nights you will have as a parent. All those nights in college staying out till 3 a.m., then somehow rolling out of bed to make it to that 8.a.m class (what the hell was I thinking when I did that, anyway?) Yeah. those were the friggin’ days, man. I thought I was invincible. Now, I run on caffeine and adrenaline and have found that I can pretty much catch a few quick Z’s anywhere: sitting in traffic. At my computer desk. Laying on a mat at the gym pretending to do crunches. Sitting in Lucca’s playpen while he pelts a plastic airplane repeatedly at my head. I mean, ya gotta just work it in there or you won’t survive…
My son is a happy baby. Everything makes him laugh. Everything excites him. So, when the teething train rolled on through it totally rocked everyone’s world. He literally sits up in his crib and screams in agony. All around the top of his crib are chew marks like I’m keeping some kind of caged animal. Can you imagine the pain our little babes must be feeling? A piece of bone is ripping through the gums in their mouths, one after another after another… And this goes on for HOW long? And only for them to fall out for more to come in. I mean, really?
I don’t want teething advice. I just want some sympathy. I don’t need to know the next new amazing teething ring (I’ll just keep letting him gnaw on his bed till he whittles it down to toothpicks) or that you ‘heard’ that a little dab of whiskey on the gums is what works wonders. Nope. I just want to share a venti skinny vanilla latte with an extra 10 shots of espresso with another mama who is as sleep deprived as I am and maybe we can keep each other’s eyelids open. And then, we could watch each other’s kids while we take turns napping. Yep, I think that’s a pretty damn good idea. Maybe I can set this up as some kind of ‘playdate’ in my mom’s playgroup…

Ahh, sleep. Even the word sleep sounds amazing. S-l-e-e-e-e-e-e-p… I miss you so much, sleep. I hope we see each other again soon and for a long time. Those moments we’ve shared over the last few weeks are so fleeting. Please. Come back soon..

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