Susie Homemaker (I Am Not)

Friday, October 31, 2014

This week my level of domesticity has been raised: I, my friends, have begun meal planning.

To be honest, I laughed at people that did this. Like really? Do you put on a little polka-dot apron too? I hate cooking and really did not see myself as planning actual meals. I can’t even follow recipes correctly. WTF is a measuring spoon? Just throw that shit in, it’ll be good!
But, after countless trips to the grocery store (sometimes on a daily basis) and so many “what do you want for dinner” phone calls, we needed a change. I told Greg about my little plan, told him to pick out 3 recipes from my Pinterest, and we’d go from there.
And so far so good! I’m for 3 for 3, all successful, all delicious, and I haven’t been to the grocery store at all this week. We have tons of leftovers for tonight and even tomorrow, and I haven’t had to even mutter any words about dinner plans. 
However, I still don’t follow recipes. Maybe one day I will. I’ll actually buy the leeks (whatever the hell those are) that are listed in the ingredients, I’ll actually simmer on medium-high heat, and I’ll actually put in 1/4 tsp of salt. This week, I did not. And that shit was delicious— so who needs a recipe anyway?
So, in case you are wondering what we made this week, here’s our “menu”:
Tuesday: Vodka Penne with Tomatoes & Prosciutto (family recipe)

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