Saturday, October 18, 2014

After coming off of a birthday-high and having a few days where Lucca actually slept in to a decent hour (which Greg and I both were feeling pretty good about) —BOOM. It was over as soon as it began. 
11 p.m.
1 a.m.
4 a.m.
4:30 a.m.
I hate this “let’s guess why you’re not sleeping” phase. Teeth? Cold? Scared? I’m convinced there is NO answer. I looked over in my in-between state of sleeping/not-sleeping and then this 30 pound little person was suddenly slapping my face, climbing up my pillows, and poking my eyeballs. God, I love you kid, but really? Really.
Greg has been a saint the past few weeks and getting up with him on these super early days.  He finally took him downstairs since he was obviously just rip-roaring-ready for Friday to begin, and I stayed in bed. I’m not sure if I really slept, I rolled around for awhile, jumped in the shower, dressed, and headed downstairs to work. 
I was only on the computer for a few minutes until I had to finally answer my hunger pangs. I went back upstairs to make my Herbalife shake for breakfast, and of course… he saw me passing by.
Not wanting to ignore him, I walked over, stepped over the gate, tripped on a toy, and ta-dah! (because I don’t have another word for it)-Banana shake all over the freaking place.
Glopped in my hair. 
Glopped on my clothes.
Glopped in the carpet.
And there he is. Staring at me. Laughing. I know he was laughing…
I literally, screamed out loud. I don’t know if it helped, but I just screamed as loud as I could. Nothing specific. Just a good ol’ “AHHHHHHH”. I think I scared Greg, because he came and got Lucca away from this horrific scene— a stressed out, exhausted mother sitting in glob of protein shake inside of a baby jail. 
To top this day off, I had 3 (YES THREE) fillings at the dentist this morning and I feel like I got beat in the face with a baseball bat.
Thank God it’s F*#*$(* Friday,  ya’ll. 

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