Halloween Recap

Saturday, November 1, 2014

This past weekend was one of those times I wished I could just blink my eyes and freeze time. I swear, the week drags along as we go through our daily routines and once the weekend is here it’s over as soon as it began.

Of course the excitement of Halloween made this weekend something to really look forward to. This was our first year of truly participating in the Halloween thing in our neighborhood, and I have to say, even though Lucca couldn’t officially trick-or-treat yet, it was just as fun dressing him up and handing out candy. We took him around the block in the wagon, came back and posted up in our driveway as all of our neighbors do. Cocktails in hand, we passed out candy and still (unfortunately) had candy left over.

The highlight of the night (or the absolute low, depending on how you look at it) is when a group of middle-school aged girls stopped by and one of the girls dressed as some kind of girly princess thing with full-on makeup says to me, “Ohh I love your lipstick!”. I was at least 3 solo-cups in of red wine, I smiled and said thank you and waited until they were at the end of the block before I  busted out laughing.
Was this girl seriously complimenting my shade of Malbec? But then— I instantly had an anxiety attack thinking this chick was making fun of me. Greg and I were seriously in tears laughing about it. He was trying to reassure me that
a.) she probably really did like my lip color
b.) she might have been really clever and knew it was wine
c.) if she was making fun of me they would have all busted out laughing.
Still, I felt old and only wanted to drink more after that. And I did. And ate about 12 Twix bars. Sprinkled with a few Snickers bars, some Kit Kats, basically anything with chocolate as an ingredient.  Let me just say that it’s not as cool to eat so much candy your stomach hurts. I had an incredible Halloween hangover the following day..

And now, back to reality. Someone please get all this damn candy out of my house...

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