I'm Totally Like That

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I never thought I’d be the mom who cried her eyes out when their baby had their first haircut. In fact, I’m pretty sure the exact words I said in a conversation with a fellow mama were, “No, I’m totally not like that.”
Yep, I’m totally like that.
After everyone kept asking if we were getting Lucca a haircut, and his hair did kind of resemble a bit of a side-swept mullet, I finally made a plan to take him for his first cut. Huge mistake. 
It’s not that I was crying over this “milestone”, but because this chick totally jacked up my son’s hair. “Just a trim” apparently translated to “I’m going to chop off two inches from the front, and take out a chunk on the side.”
I get it, cutting a one-year-old’s hair can’t be the easiest thing in the world—they are swatting at your scissors, moving their little heads back and forth, all while the mom is watching every snip. I held my breath the whole time. She was really sweet, and Lucca was actually very good, so I didn’t have the heart to totally chew her out for ruining my son’s impeccable head of hair. I just smiled through my teeth, took the “first haircut certificate” from her, and complained about it for the rest of the day. Lots of curse words. And tears. And verbally committing to putting hats on him everyday (because I don’t want people thinking how the hell could I do that to him?) and a vow to never cut his hair again.
So there. I’m like that. I cried over a freaking haircut.

Don’t say you wouldn’t either…

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