The Hangover

Monday, November 10, 2014

Do you know what’s worse than being hungover?
Being hungover with a kid.
This past weekend I was reminded that I am no longer 22, can’t binge drink for one night and expect to be a fully functional human the next day. Oh hellll no.
Greg and I had a great night out with friends on Saturday. We knew we’d be taking full advantage of the evening by planning on getting a cab back (and not fight over who would be DD) and had Mags (my mom) babysit. 
What we didn’t know is that instead we would crash at the party, not come home until 11 a.m. the next day, and we’d be the cast from The Walking Dead all day on Sunday. We’re awesome parents. 
All I can say is I’ve definitely had my “going out” fix and I think I’m good for at least 2 months while I continue to recover. After Mags left us on Sunday, we had to endure lots of toy-throwing, face-smacking, super loud beepy, musical and annoying things to increase our hangover headaches. Boy was I glad when bedtime rolled around. Lucca was in bed by 7:30. I was down for the count by 8:30. Done and done.
It’s definitely difficult to balance the “I’m still young and want to go out with my friends” with having a baby. You don’t want your friends to desert you all together just because you have a babe, so you plan and plan and plan to make sure you can spend time with them. And if those plans involve a good ol’ college game of flip cup, well, you better be damn sure you have a babysitter for the next 24 hours. 

We survived yesterday but now I’m dragging through this Monday still trying to go back to my “normal” self. There’s an award for this, right? The “I survived a hangover with a baby" award? If not, there should be. 

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