Let's Hear it For New York

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Two weeks ago, my mom and I excitedly boarded a BoltBus and took a 24-hour trip to NYC. I've heard my mom say a number of times over the years that she wanted to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and visit New York during the holidays.   "Let's just do it", I told her. And we did.
I don't know what it is about this year, but I've been really trying to check things off of my bucket list. Maybe I subconsciously think that the more kids we have, the less we'll be able to do, so I'm trying to take advantage of it now. But you'd think I would have wanted to do all these things pre-baby, right? It's very strange, I know. I think it's that identity thing again-I just want to experience life, but don't want the fact that I'm a mother to hold me back from any of it. 
We took the first bus from Union Station Saturday morning and were dropped off near Hudson Yards. Even though this was a little off the map, it was pretty organized and only a short cab ride to our hotel in Midtown. We had a great spot-- so close to Times Square but off a side street so it wasn't so crazy. We spent the entire day walking around and exploring-- seeing all of the window displays on Fifth Avenue (only in New York do they have a girl ice skating in a store window front), ducking into some stores to do some shopping, and of course stopping for coffee, a great lunch at "Maggie's Place", and eating a pre-dinner show at Rock Center Cafe with a view of the skating rink.

The only downside to our trip was the weather. I don't know why this ALWAYS happens to me when I go to New York, but it literally rained from the time we stepped foot into the city to the time we left. There is nothing worse than navigating the streets of New York with a billion people and a billion umbrellas. You have to have some serious skill while doing this. You can't ever look up and around you because you are constantly looking forward and doing the dance of the umbrellas-- the up and down and sideways dance to prevent from poking the tall people in the eye or to squeeze past a large group who is standing on the corner waiting for the walking signal to change. We were a little rusty when we got there, but I swear by the time we left New York we were umbrella-dance-experts.

We were completely drenched, cold and tired, but we made it to our 10 p.m. Rockettes show (which was magical as always), had a nightcap at O'Connelly's, and I had my "F*$!ing pizza" at 1 a.m. that I had been craving since we got there. (Seriously, I was on a mission to find a pizza slice the size of my face, and I almost did a cartwheel I was so excited...) 

I'm happy to have experienced this with my mama. The rain didn't hold us back, time didn't hold us back, money didn't hold us back--we just went. Honestly, you can plan and plan and talk about something for so long and you will never, ever do it. Just do it. Get off your ass, buy that ticket, board that bus and do it. I'm so happy for the memories that we made even on such a short trip. 

I'm excited for our next adventure.. and now we just need a destination...

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