Post-Christmas Hangover

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ahh, Christmas. Over just as soon as it began. I don't know about you, but I feel awful after Christmas is over. There's such a big build up, and then when it's over it feels like a friggin' hangover. I mean, where did the month the go? The year? Now I feel like I need something else to look forward to each month.
Despite this major low (as I sit here trying to work) we had a great Christmas--it was fun getting Lucca to say "Ho Ho Ho" once he recognized who Santa was, and watching him rip open presents was also a treat. We didn't go crazy on gifts for him since his birthday was just in October (and we had to create an entire playroom just for his toys) but he did get super excited opening up the $2 bouncy ball from WalMart. Best idea ever.

Greg wasn't sure if we were "doing presents" this year, but since I wasn't in the gift giving/receiving mood last year, I was all about it this year. I told Greg that yes, we were absolutely "doing presents" this year and I was going to buy him presents to GET presents. OK, call me selfish, tell me it's better to give than to receive, but screw that. I wanted gifts. I wanted wrapping paper. I wanted freakin' Santa Claus to pay me a visit. Granted, I picked out everything myself and it all came from the same bank account, but it felt good. Really good. 

Our annual holiday brunch was also a great time. Good food, great company, lots of bloody mary's and mimosas... it was a good day and was nice to spend time with the people we love. Every year we usually invite friends over for the "after party" to clean out the rest of the grub and booze, so we had a pretty late night and a long day on Sunday to recover.

And now to closing out 2014. A big year of change, growth, reflection.. I feel good about 2014 and I'm excited for what 2015 might have in store. But for now, I'm going to sit in this depressive slump until I'm fully over this holiday season. (I'm pretty sure eating 5 cookies a day isn't helping. I need to get that shit out of my house ASAP!)


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