5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Monday, January 26, 2015

It's so easy to write in a state of frustration or whenever I want to bitch and complain. Words pour out, my fingers are usually trying to type to catch up as quickly as I can formulate a sentence in my brain. What does that say about me? I'm not sure. But since I'm here all day with a dog, two cats and a baby I feel like I have to complain to someone, so there's my justification.
But to switch things up a bit, I'm going to write about 5 things that made me happy this week. Maybe that will inspire you to look for things that made you smile or feel grateful this week, maybe it won't. Maybe you'll look at this and think, OK--let's get back to the bitching and complaining. I understand. That's way more entertaining.
Either way, here goes:
1. Our nightly dinner dance parties. Every night usually around 6:30 p.m. we've had a family dance party in our kitchen. Lucca runs right into the kitchen as if it's his stage and starts to move, then demands some tunes. He's not partial to any particular kind of music-- his favorites are pretty across the board from Biggie to Wheels on the Bus. It's my favorite time watching him figure out his own moves, stop, close his eyes Mariah Carey-style if he hears a good vocal,  and come back with a different step. Always on beat. Always.
2. Lucca is talking, ALOT. No surprise here, right? But the number of words he's started saying this week just blows my mind. Honestly, when this kid starts talking for real, I'm scared of what is going to come out of his mouth. He has become a parrot as well, repeating everything we say and learning quickly.

I also might be the worst parent as I searched for "Babies Saying Curse Words" on YouTube for about 45 minutes. Lucca has tried to say "fox" and "fork" this week and well you know,  I'm immature and think his version is absolutely hilarious. 
3. Going out in the snow on Wednesday. I wanted to take Lucca out in the snow as it was falling on Wednesday and I really wish there were someone there to witness the spectacle that went down in my foyer. Just picture  the scene in "A Christmas Story" and there ya go. Lucca couldn't move an inch and as I tried to simultaneously put on his boots and mittens, he layed out flat on his back. Luckily, we were both laughing.

When we finally made it outside, he kept saying "Oh no! Oh no!" while he watched the snowflakes cover my hat and jacket. I built a same-size snowman for him and I think he was more scared of the thing than impressed by my skills. He must have said "mama" 345 times in twenty-minutes. 
4.  FaceTime with the Fam. FaceTime is the best. I probably FaceTime my sister at least once a day to show her the shenanigans that are going in my house (one night he actually called my sister himself on the iPad). Lucca has finally figured out how to actually converse on FaceTime without grabbing the screen, and this week we talked to his grandmother, grandfather, aunt and cousins. He loves seeing their faces and talking and when he's done, he  simply says "bahh" and moves right along. 
5. Celebrating a friend's birthday on Saturday night.  Greg and I ventured into the city to celebrate our best friend's birthday and stayed out until 4 a.m. Yes, you read that correctly. 4 A.M. I'm more used to waking up at 4 a.m. to a fussy kid, not drinking and dancing until the bar closes (those were the days...) But if it weren't for the coffee and Redbull beforehand, I never would have made it as I usually am under the covers once Lucca is asleep.  Yep, I'm pretty lame.

At one point during the night, Greg turned to me and said, "What's it feel like to be released back into society!?" Oh, man, it was awesome. It felt great to be around friends and have a good time knowing Lucca was having a blast sleeping over at my mom's. We need these nights every once in awhile and I'm thankful we have a rotating team of babysitters to make it possible.

It was a great week and I'm still smiling about it. I'm really hoping it carries over into the week ahead!

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