Just Be.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

This past New Year's Eve, my husband said something that really struck a chord with me. He told me he's noticed that I can never just sit and "be". I'm always busy trying to do something... anything. Cleaning up toys, making lists, checking things off a list to put more things on a list, blogging, taking pictures, washing dishes... All typically unimportant things that can wait until a later time.

Initially, I thought this was kind of a shitty thing to say because of course I can "just be". But then I realized he was right. I'm always thinking of the next thing-- not just focusing all my attention on what I'm doing at that particular moment. 

I certainly don't think I'm alone in this.I think everyone, not just moms, has this problem. My mind is in a definite fog of a bazillion freaking things and as much as I say I want to be experiencing and living every single moment with my husband, my son, my family and friends, I'm probably not. Nope, I'm probably thinking of which stores I need to go to to buy items on our grocery list and also how to maximize my time without driving all over the damn place. Or I'm thinking I need to Google ski resorts to travel to in the winter because someone mentioned they wanted to do that so it needs to be done right now.  Or I'm thinking I need to pick up those toys sprawled out all the way to our kitchen or (God forbid) they will be there tomorrow morning when we wake up.

I get it, I need to get a grip.

I don't want to make any New Year resolutions because we all know how those end up... They start off great with good intentions but then you start to slip and give up all together. I don't want to label anything, I just want to be better-- for myself, for people around me. The world will not end if there is still food stuck to the highchair, or if I haven't checked the mailbox or thought about what to make for dinner in the next week. Leave it, just be, and get to it later. Or hell, if I'm feeling really bold, forget about it all together.

Here's to trying to "just be" in the days ahead...

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