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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ahh, toddler-hood. I'm loving (and loathing) every minute of it. There are most definitely days that I feel sad and miss snuggling up with a little jelly bean on my chest (well, he wasn't a little jelly bean...) and I miss watching him in his peaceful state in the bouncy seat with sweet melodies playing in the background.
Now, there's a lot of noise. 
Banging. Clanging. Crashing. Thumping. Shouting. Screeching.  
There's also a lot of bumps and bruises--including myself when I get the occasional toy thrown at my face from a mere 3 inches away. 
And then there is the ever-so-lovely "Stewie" phase. If you aren't familiar with Family Guy, here is my life at any given moment, of any given day:

I swear this is on repeat 24/7 365. This child is stuck to me like glue and absolutely must have my attention at any given moment. God forbid I don't acknowledge him within 1.384 seconds or all freakin' hell breaks loose. 
And don't even get me started when I  a.) leave the room  b.) drop him off anywhere c.) hand him to someone else because this kid acts like he's having an appendage ripped from him. It's these moments that I wonder if staying home with me is really the best option. Or, that I wish I did more things where he spent more time with other people instead of hanging on my left ankle.
But yes, there is a sweet side of toddlerhood that I'm absolutely loving. Throwing a party over little accomplishments like saying a new word or learning how to use a fork. Watching him run frantically for 30 minutes straight and detour to come give me a kiss. Listening to him make kissy-sounds to call the cat and say "Maweee" (for Marlee). Or even after the chaotic drop-offs at the gym daycare, he throws his toys to the side and comes running the second he catches a glimpse of me. 
No, it's not easy. Yes, toddlers are damn near cray-cray, but all the sweetness totally makes up for the craziness. Even if I do live with Stewie...

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