Valentines for The Valentines

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This year Greg and I celebrated our 10th Valentine's Day together. When I think of all the Valentine's Days we've had leading up to this point, it makes me smile. These days, I don't care about the flowers (I only end up with yet another vase to put under the sink, and the cats eat the leaves) I don't want candy (still recovering from my Thanksgiving/Christmas binge so that'd be cruel) and all the other hype that surrounds VDay. I even like to keep a low profile during this holiday. "What? No way! You're last name is Valentine!?" It gets old. Sweet, but old.

Now, I'd just like some kid-free time with my husband. A lunch or dinner where we aren't sharing our food or picking up thrown utensils. Time out (like actually out of our house) together when we're not awaiting an explosive meltdown of some sort. Valentine's Day now is really just a good reason for us to take a break and just be us.
I'll admit that years ago, this wasn't all entirely true. I loved the flowers. The go-out-of-your-way romantic gestures. Planned dates to fancy places that we couldn't afford because we were young and in school. Yes, I loved all that. And yes, the thought (always) crossed my mind:  "I'll be Mrs. Valentine one day..."  And since I'm one of those crazy people that holds on to notes and cards and photos like some kind of time capsule- I go back to those, evidence of a life pre-marriage and pre-baby, and just laugh at who I was before. Who we were before.

This past weekend we still celebrated Valentine's Day, but without any fuss. We had our own Valentine's Day dinner on Thursday night, started a new tradition of making homemade pizza, drinking red wine and making dessert. (Who am I kidding, we make pizza every other week and drink wine almost every other night). Then while visiting my MIL, Greg made heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast Saturday morning and then (taking full advantage of the babysitting) we had a day date at a local winery for lunch. The rest of the weekend was spent with people I love, relaxing, reading, eating, drinking wine...  I mean, it can't get much better than that.

Keeping it simple, that's what it's about now. If I could go back 10 years I'd tell my unmarried, kid-less self that it's not the end of the world to miss a celebration on Valentine's Day (like the time I was so upset I had to dance at a basketball game instead of eating dinner with my boyfriend. Good Lord). Yep, hate to break it to ya sister, but it'll be just like any other day except you'll use it as a good excuse to go out together and mingle with the rest of society. 

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