The Not-So Simple Life

Monday, March 30, 2015

Every so often I find myself thinking, "Holy shit. WHY the HELL is this happening right now?" Well, who am I kidding. It's more like 20 times a day. Everyday.
The thing is, life before Lucca was simple.

Going to the store? Get dressed, grab your keys, and out the door. 
Going out to eat? Pick a restaurant, make a reservation, order food and drinks and stay as long as you please.
Out of town for the weekend? Pack your clothes and toiletries and get on the road. 
We don't live a simple life anymore. And if you have a baby/toddler/child/teenager then I'm sure you can relate. Things just aren't get-up-and-go. What used to be a two-step process now has 263 steps in between. Instead of an ETA to go anywhere, it's more like "I'll get there whenever the hell I get myself halfway together and my kid on the same wavelength."
When I tried to make my quick, weekly Target-run last week, it was yet another reminder that things have to be difficult (or at least more of an effort) to be done. Lucca did what I like to call the "Spiderman" when I attempted to buckle him in his carseat. Picture it: I try to set him down in the seat and all four limbs have stretched themselves out to the sides of the seat to where he is hovering just mere inches above where his butt is supposed to touch down. Much like how Spiderman uses this same technique to navigate in between two buildings. And then he hops out and makes a jump for the front seat of the car when he senses a moment of weakness. Really dude, REALLY? 
I looked around and just thought "WHY? Why can't going to Target be a simple task?" And instead, for the next 5 minutes we fight each other until he finally gave up and I was sweating profusely, too tired at that point to even go anywhere. This has become our daily struggle. Now, I dread having to go anywhere because of the Spiderman situation I have going on. For such a little human, he sure does put up a fight. I mean come on, man. You're supposed to love Target.
I'm learning so many things about being a mother to a toddler. It's not simple. It's very, very complicated. It's fast. It's slow. It's a million tiny battles fought over the course of 24 hours. Will it get easier? Probably. But it's in moments like this I just wish the simple tasks weren't the most difficult ones.

Jeesh. I think we'll stay in our pajamas today and not even attempt to leave the house. That will be our best bet.

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