Boys will be boys

Monday, April 13, 2015

Even when I was knowingly pregnant with a baby boy, I never truly imagined what my life would be as a mother of a boy. I knew we wouldn't have pink and hair-bows and we wouldn't refer to our baby as "our little princess", but I couldn't really foresee what life with a boy would really be like. 
So far, all I know as a mother of an 18-month old boy is that he is in constant motion, he's messy, fearless, and goofy. He'd rather roll around in the dirt and grass then play on the swings at the park. He wants to kick and throw and run and jump  24 hours a day.  I saw even more of that this past week when we had our 10 year-old-nephew visit. 
The two of them played together like brothers--except without the fighting or teasing or constant annoyance of one another. They were going 60 mph from the time they woke up til the time they went to sleep. I had to duck on more than one occasion just sitting at my desk while soccer balls, flashing balls, golf balls--every freakin' ball-- flew overhead. They made up games out of anything and everything, they jumped and climbed and fell down. All. Day. Long. Over, and over, and over...
These two played outside for 90% of the day, came in the house with dirt under their fingernails, bumps, bruises and messy clothes. They played every sport that we happened to have equipment for- tennis, basketball, soccer, golf, lacrosse... I've never been so active in a 24-hour period. We were go-go-go every single day with hardly a break in between. Well, maybe a break in between for a 3242930 snacks. But once one activity was finished, we were on to the next thing.

I got a little glimpse last week of what life might be like with two, well three, boys in the house. And I have to say, I loved it. I loved it all. The noise level could go down a few notches and I'd like to find myself in a safer area of my house when they play, but I loved it. I love being a mama of a boy and letting him explore the world the way that he does-- at top speed and all hands in the dirt.

And today, when he fell while running on the sidewalk and scraped his knees for the very first time--I felt a little sad that his perfect little knees were bruised and scratched. But then again, I knew it'd be the first of many, many times that I will kiss away the pain, tell him to stand up and brush himself off, and watch him go-go-go some more. 
I have to say, I look forward for the constant craziness to come. 

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