So Long Sweet Pool Days

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The smell of coconut sunscreen. A cute new bikini. Piles of magazines or a quick-read summer book. An iTunes playlist specifically made for beach or pool sessions. Some food and drinks to snack and sip on while you enjoy laying out under the sun's rays and taking an occasional dip in the water.

Gone are those blissful days. These days it's more like slapping on thick, pasty mineral-based sunscreen all over your kid and then inevitably looking like ghosts. It's packing every noodle, water-sprayer, diving ring and freaking bucket you can possibly carry only to have your kid NOT play with any of them when you actually get there. (And you're so tired of bringing them that you say F it and leave them there for someone else to handle...)
It's trying to fit into your pre-baby bikini knowing damn well you don't fit in it at all. It's tip-toe-running after your kid all around the pool to somehow prevent any extra wiggle and jiggle from happening. It's trying to keep their grabby hands away from your top so you don't have an unfortunate nip-slip.  It's actually having to go IN the water. And like, get WET.

It's convincing your kid to sit in a chair and have a snack of goldfish/popcorn/crackers (or whatever other junk you threw haphazardly in a bag) every hour for 15 whole minutes. 
It's trying your damn hardest not to yell at the jerk kids that splash or push the little ones out of the way. 
It's trying your damn hardest not to yell at the lifeguards for sleeping behind their holographic fake Ray-Bans.

Nope. There's no relaxation here.

Instead, a trip to the pool with a toddler is more like a triathlon of sorts. And what begins as initial excitement: "Yea! Let's go to the pool!" usually ends in exhaustion for you and hopefully a long, 2-3 hour nap for your little one (that is after you strip off all the wet swim clothes...)

Take all the pictures you can possibly take on that first day at the pool. Trust me, you won't have time to Instagram for the rest of the summer.

Now can I go on vacation?


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