Disney Adventures: Part II

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

So I know that you've been hanging on to the suspense of my next blog post about our trip to Disney. I know, and I'm sorry. Things have been out of control around here. My kid is jumping off furniture left and right, we've started the initial potty training process, and we don't stop moving until the sun goes down (more on that later). Writing about our trip to the hottest, I mean happiest, place on Earth just had to wait.
But alas, Nonna is here visiting and I have some freedom to leave the confines of my basement and actually formulate real adult words. Words outside of the realm of learning how to control bodily functions. So, here we go. Back to Disney.
We didn't do Disney like most people do Disney. Well, I shouldn't say that. But from what I see from friends and family on Facebook is that people actually plan these things out down to the millisecond. No, not us. We jumped on this trip with my sister and brother-in-law and their three children, bought our plane tickets a month before, bought our park tickets a week before, and had no idea what we'd do or see. We only really planned to hit up two parks (Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom) since we figured those would be the only ones Lucca would care about. My sister and her family came earlier in the week, hit up the other parks, and then we all went together on a Thursday and Friday.

A few things. It was hot as shit. Unless you have a semi-free trip with a free place to stay and discounted tickets, don't EVER go to Disney in freaking June. Also, don't go during that time unless you WANT to sweat out 30 pounds in a single day. And don't plan on your kids looking cute in pictures if you go to Disney in June because they will always look like overheated sweaty messes. That's just a side note. Also a side note: if you ever go to Disney in the summer months, don't be the idiot that waits until they go to the park to buy the $20 squirt fan because that shit's batteries will die in an hour of using it. Go to the dollar store before your trip.

We had a great time at both the parks with no planning whatsoever. We walked around Magic Kingdom, hit up the popular rides: the teacups, Dumbo, etc, saw a few shows, watched the parade in the afternoon, and we were good. The kids were spent by 4 p.m. We had a few meltdowns by everyone, including the adults, and we were ready to go. Lucca was happy the entire day just as long as we kept feeding him and letting him run around and get out of his sweat-pool of a stroller. By the end of the day, all anybody wanted to do was shower. And nap. And drink alcohol. (Us, not the kids. Duh)

The second day we went to Animal Kingdom. I don't know why, but I guess I just pictured it to be a huge zoo with attractions all around it. I literally saw 2 monkeys the entire time we walked around. We did take a little safari bus and Lucca was so excited to see all of the animals in their "habitats", but I guess I expected them to be sprawled throughout the park. By the time we took that safari, everyone was pissed off, hot and tired, so it kind of lost it's appeal. It was more like "Oh my god let's just do this and get it over with". Yay animals.

After the sweaty safari, we had our dinner reservation with all of the Disney characters at one of the restaurants. Our friends had suggested doing this instead of waiting in a long line for a stupid picture (The one we got with Goofy was the shortest!)  It was literally the most expensive meal we've ever paid for (especially for hardly eating any of it because I was too busy chasing my son who wanted to kidnap Donald and Daisy), but in the end, it was worth the money. Lucca is OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse, so I knew he'd love it. Plus, he got to join in on a little dance party action right in the middle of dinner. He was in Heaven.

Trust me, I had so many people question why the hell would we take Lucca to Disney now, when he's so little. But honestly, this kid practically jumped out of his damn skin when they came around the corner to our table. And then, he just wouldn't leave them alone. No, he won't remember a damn thing about it. But I'll never forget that dinner. And these faces:

And this bill:

All in all, it was a great trip. Lucca did a much better job traveling than I ever imagined he would, we handled everything better than I ever imagined we would, and I'm so glad we went on this adventure. We won't be back to this magical place for at least another decade, but we've got some great memories to hold us over until then!



  1. Hello Lolo! I'm Brittney and I found your blog off of Bloglovin. It's so nice to meet you! I haven't been able to take my daughter to Disney World yet, but I have been before when I turned 21. It is very hot as you said...so hot that I couldn't even finish looking around Magic Kingdom before saying "Let's head back to the resort." But Disney World is really such an awesome place and I can't wait to show Sofia when we can find the means to do so. I'm so glad that your little one got to have some fun! That bill does look quite high-Disney doesn't play around.

  2. Thanks Brittney! Nice to meet you, too. It was a great trip and we made some great memories, for sure. Hope you get to take your daughter. I know she will love it!