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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ever since Lucca was born I've always been very particular about things. Like most new mamas who have spent countless hours reading up on books and blogs and everything else, I packed my head with a shit-ton of know-how to take care of this kid. It's always been a learn-as-you-go kinda thing, I've kinda done things my own way, and now as far as I'm concerned, that IS the way.
I get made fun-of.. well, not really, just given a hard time, about my particularity. Like what food groups Lucca should be eating throughout the day. Or that I don't want him to have the iPad in the car right away, wait until he gets restless. Or that he needs to be playing outside everyday for at least an hour. There are just certain things that are a standard for me. If I don't achieve these things I get hung up on them. And I think other people should care about them as much as I do.
I'm aware this is stupid. I know he'll survive if these "requirements" aren't met. The thing is, sometimes I can be a fly-be-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of mom. No clothes today? Sure run around naked. Leftover mac and cheese for third time this week? Whatever. But some things I just can't budge on. When I leave him with our family, I always give them the run-down, what's changed in his schedule, how to do this, how to do that. For the most part, I think they stick to the plan (how will I ever know unless I attach a body-cam to him?) But mostly I get the "Ok yeah sure... we'll see how that goes" kinda vibe. 
Totally understandable. Sure. I get it. Motherhood has made me worry about stupid freaking things. And to be honest, I thought it'd get better as he got older. But the list keeps getting longer. The requirements keep getting more and more absurd. 
Do I blame them for wanting me to STFU when I'm naming off each and every thing that should be done? No. Will I apologize for my ridiculousness? Of course not.
And that's that.

Now, it's raining and I need to think up something to do indoors that requires some kind of physical activity to reach our quota for the day.


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