Motherhood is Madness

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Motherhood is madness. It just is.

I've absolutely come to accept the fact that life is loud and messy and nothing makes sense. There's never ever an easy way to do things. There's never a point A to point B. Instead, there's a million stops along the way and once you'e made it to point B you've already forgotten why you were trying to get there in the first place.

This has been difficult for me because I'm a scheduler, a list-maker, a go-by-the-rules kinda person. I try to remain in control of many things in my life, but when you have kids, that pretty much flies out of the window. I was definitely one of those "I'll never allow my kid to ________" people pre-kids, and now I just laugh at the fact that I really thought that'd be true. Kids are kids, they don't care and will do what they want. Learn this early on and it'll be smooth sailing for you. Read as many books and blogs as you want- but the key piece of information here is:


And you know why? Because they live in the moment. They live for what's happening right that second, right in front of them. And sometimes, we need to do that too. (Unless of course it involves something dangerous. Come on, I haven't completely lost it).

I have to say, that although I still micromanage some things in our day-to-day, I'm a much happier person when I just let shit go. Who do I think is watching? There's nobody keeping score in parenting. It's survival, people. If it means less crying, whining and tantrums, I'm all over it these days. Sure, I still keep my little humans in-line and under control, but through the madness you discover ways in which you can still be the boss lady while also just letting things slide.

So yes, if kid #2 continues to throw food on the floor from the high chair but would rather eat it OFF the floor like a dog, go for it. He's gotta eat right? If I have to bribe #1 with whatever sweets we have in our house just to eat 5 green beans? Great. If they want to dance on the kitchen chairs just to give me ten extra minutes of cooking time for dinner, perfect. There's no rulebook here. And such is the beauty of motherhood.. (and parenting in general).

There's a method to this madness- and the key is to get over yourself and let shit go.
Also, a nap and some wine here and there helps...